Classical Music App Twaang Crosses 100K Installs on Android; Launches Subscription Service

TwaangOnline music startups might be shutting. But this app seems to have found its beat. Mobile music library for Indian music lovers, Twaang crossed 100,000 installs on Android and has launched its premium version where subscribers can pay for exclusive access.

A must-have app for the Indian classical music lover, Twaang has also launched its iPhone version. The app has collection of music from over 90,000 music titles, 6000 albums and 4000 artists. Subscriptions are priced at Rs.149 per month, available only for the mobile.

Recently, music streaming service Dhingana was shut down, finding it difficult to monetize their music services and deal costly licenses. The key differentiator of Twaang is the focus on Indian classical music, unlike its competitors who focus on Bollywood music.

The Twaang team also conducts offline events like stage shows and concerts. As the app emphasizes on classical music that not many  others focus on,  a huge celebrity brand endorsement is a notable thing for the app. Shubha Mudgal, Sudha Raghunathan, Jayanthi Kumaresh and Raghu Dixit are a few names in the long celebrity lines.

The app is also a promotion pad for a new artist in the classical  genre. Apart from albums, recorded live concerts are available through the app.

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