Communication Apps Account For 47% Of Time Indians Spend On Smartphones [Report]

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Communication Apps Account For 47% Of Time Indians Spend On Smartphones [Report]

India is one among the fastest growing markets for smartphones in the world and the number of smartphones in the country is expected to grow to 650mn by 2019.

Ericsson ConsumerLab in its latest report titled Communication in the World of Apps has compiled app usage statistics for Android OS users in the country. The figures are quite telling of India’s app ecosystem.

Ericsson Report 1

According to the report, Indian smartphone users on average spend 47% of their time on communication apps with WhatsApp, Hike, Messenger, Hangouts and WeChat being the 5 most widely used apps.

Out of the various types of communication apps used on smartphones, 66% time was spent on voice and IM services, 21% on voice calling services, 11% on social networks and 2% on email apps.

Ericsson Report 2

The data indicates that the use of one-to-one communication apps in India is far greater than one-to-many communication apps, the opposite of more developed markets. Social network use is far greater in developed markets, especially in the UK and US.

In the voice calling and IM category in India, WhatsApp stands out as the most used app, with 98% users accessing it at least once a month. Hike (44%), Facebook Messenger (37%), Hangouts (32%) and WeChat (26%) were the other 4 most used apps.

Ericsson Report 3

This shows that Indian users use multiple apps for communicating with friends, unlike the South Korean (KakaoTalk) and Japanese (Line) market, where just one app has significant market share.

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