Indian Coders Found Cheating in Google Code Jam?

So most of you know how the saying goes: First there’s the innovator, then there’s the imitator, then there’s the idiot. If one were to believe a recent post on Reddit, the crème de la crème of third kind has been spotted.

Three Indian coders were found cheating in Google Code Jam’s first round, according to a post which has attracted considerable attention on social news site Reddit.

We couldn’t verify the facts on our end as there were no official statements by Google or anything to prove the authenticity of the post. But we’d like to think: no smoke without fire.

True or otherwise, the post has triggered an angry outburst on Reddit with many people complaining of similar instances with accusations ranging from Indians copying school projects to the education system being “crap.”

Google Code Jam Cheating

A user called ICY had posted on Google Code Jam’s G+ group that two of the participants who made it past the qualification round were found with identical solutions to a problem and one user had a wrong code attached to a solution.

Google Code Jam is an annual programming competition run by search Giant Google.

The qualification round of 2013 Code Jam began in April. More than 45,000 people registered out of which over 17k people made it past the qualification round. Over 4,000 Indians were in the qualification round and 51 made it to the second round. (source)

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