Indian Entrepreneurs Need To Be Better ‘Networker’ and ‘Team Builders’: Report

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Indian Entrepreneurs Need To Be Better ‘Networker’ and ‘Team Builders’: Report

Global management consulting firm, Hay Group, conducted a survey programme aimed at providing the startup ecosystem (selected entrepreneurs) with expertise and strategic knowledge.

The survey is based on the leadership assessment diagnostic of 150 start-up leaders. The research reveals that the top 3 common traits amongst the selected entrepreneurs possess are: Achievement Orientation, Creativity and Action Orientation.

With reference to Achievement orientation and Creativity, 55% of the startups exhibited scores which were greater than 7 (on a scale of 1-10). The least common traits prevalent amongst the startup founders were Consultative, Flexible and Methodical.

75% of the leaders scored less than 5 on the consultative trait, indicating that they are comfortable acting independently without seeking the views of others and willing to voice disagreement if required.

Some Interesting Trends With reference To A Founders’ Role Adoption In Team Situations

Most of the startup founders have a natural preference for ‘Creator roles’, with 80% of the founders exhibiting scores higher than 8. The next common tendency amongst the founders was for ‘Driver roles’, with 52% of them exhibiting scores which were higher than 8.

80% of the start-ups have the top two team profile preference common between the co-founders  while, 70% of the founders exhibited scores lesser than 5 on ‘team builder roles’ and 60% exhibited the same for ‘networker roles’

“A startup founder’s role is eventually focused only on managing two key stakeholder groups. One, they have to handle things internally, which means building structures and mechanisms for developing talent. This requires the ‘Teambuilder role’ capability. The other responsibility is managing an external ecosystem of partners and investors, which requires ‘Networker role’ capability,” adds Debabrat Mishra, Director, Hay Group India.

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