Indian Gaming Industry- Corporates Embrace, Traders Trade..


Indian Gaming Industry- Corporates Embrace, Traders Trade..

The Indian Gaming Industry has been through an interesting ride – right from India being termed as a country with anti-gaming culture to corporates embracing gaming sites.

ICICI Bank, in order to reduce the amount of counterfeit currency being passed through its counters has partnered with TIS (Tata Interactive System) to develop a game whichGame for Money can be used to train the cashiers.

Called ‘Cash Detectives’, the game aims to train ICICI Bank staff in the three key identification criteria for counterfeit currency. The game allows players to learn up to 14 security features of a genuine note, gain knowledge about tools to be used to ascertain their ‘genuineness’ and gain the experience to detect the absence of one or more of the security features instantly.

Cash Detectives, i.e.  player takes on the role of an intelligence agent. The player’s agency has to track down a terrorist outfit that uses counterfeit currency to finance its agenda.

In another development, Zapak has launched a sensex based game called “Game for Money” that allows players to invest virtual money in shares, mutual funds, property and insurance.

Few other developments:

  • ET plans to launch a game based on stock market investing.
  • Jump Games is also looking to enter the space soon
  • Web18 is planning  mobile-version of stock trading games.

Interestingly, most of these games fall under “edutainment” category and probably, that’s why has gained acceptance.

And that makes me wonder whether is this the future or will we every get into serious mind-games like monopoly or timepass games like Road Rash??

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