Google Transparency Report shows Indian government’s ever growing desire to ‘control’ the web


Google Transparency Report shows Indian government’s ever growing desire to ‘control’ the web

In a recent Transparency Report presented by Google, company has revealed that it has received 255 requests for removal of content from Google services in the 2010-2011.However, Google complied with only 29% of the requests.

On Monday, Google released data showing government requests to remove blog posts or videos or hand over user information for the period July to December 2011. According to the report, there were five court orders from India asking the Internet search giant to remove content. On the other hand, there were 96 other requests by Indian government bodies for 246 individual items which puts India above other countries requesting for removal of content. Google has complied with 80 per cent of court orders from India regarding removal of content, however, it has agreed to only 26 per cent of other requests by Indian government bodies.

Earlier, Google had received 2,207 requests for user data from Indian government bodies and 3,427 requests regarding users and accounts for the period July to December 2011. Google complied with 66 per cent of these data requests (data link).
The findings in the Google Transparency Reports suggest that governments across the world are trying to stifle free speech over the internet.

Google Transparency Report : India
Google Transparency Report : India Snapshot

“This is the fifth data set that we’ve released. And just like every other time before, we’ve been asked to take down political speech. It’s alarming not only because free expression is at risk, but because some of these requests come from countries you might not suspect—Western democracies not typically associated with censorship,” Dorothy Chou, senior policy analyst at Google said on the official Google blog.

It is important to note that Indian government had proposed that government should takeover Internet and the recent attempts to block freedom of speech is a testimonial that the government has

[Guest article contributed by Jai Vardhan.]

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