Indian Government bans bulk SMS service for 15 days. Consumers SMS usage limited to 5 per day

The government has banned bulk text messages for the next 15 days, owing to the recent issue related to North East population in Karnataka and other states.

“Cities like Hyderabad and Pune have been on edge with their large North Eastern communities feeling insecure about their safety.  In the last month, nearly 80 people have died in ethnic violence in Assam and doctored MMS-es and text messages have infected other states, warning that students and professionals from the North East will be attacked.”, reports NDTV.As far as consumers are concerned, one won’t be able to send more than 5 messages per day.

Also, several TV channels have earlier reported that the government has ordered for monitoring of social media sites, though we aren’t sure how government will control tweets/Facebook chatter.

Do you think banning bulk SMS serves the right purpose? Or there is something more fundamental that needs to be addressed?

Update (August 24tth): The limit has been increased to 20.

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