Indian Government Announces Open Source Policy And It’s A Brilliant Step

The government has announced open source policy which is applicable to all Government organizations under the Central Governments and those State Governments.

Opensource logo
Opensource logo

Key highlights of government’s open source policy include:
– All future Requests for Proposals (RFPs) of eGovernance projects shall include a mandatory clause for considering Open Source Software (OSS) as a preferred option in comparison to Closed Source Software (CSS). Suppliers shall provide justification for exclusion of OSS in their response.

– Government Organizations shall ensure compliance with this requirement and decide by comparing both OSS and CSS options with respect to capability, strategic control, scalability,security, life time costs and support requirements.

–  GoI shall establish suitable support mechanism for the available OSS that includes Institutional Mechanism, Partnership with Industry, Academia and OSS Community.
NextBigWhat’s Take: We hope that this isn’t a lip-service and won’t lead to aggressive ‘under-the-table’ deals that often happen between government organizations and closed source software companies.

[Read the announcement]

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