Surprised Indian Government To Seek Details From US on Snooping Software: Report

The Indian government said that it will seek details from the US about the “intelligence” it gathered on Indian citizen, according to a new report.

The Press Trust of India reports that the center has termed violation of domestic privacy of information laws “unacceptable.”

“Yes, we are concerned and surprised about it,” External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin was quoted in the report.

According to a report by the Guardian newspaper, American government’s spying software, called the Boundless Informant, collected more than 6.3 billion pieces of intelligence from India in the month of March 2013 alone.

India was the 5th most tracked country, the report said.

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Last week, the newspaper uncovered top-secret documents about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) data-mining tool called Boundless Informant.

Subsequent reports also implicated technology giants such as Google and Facebook for sharing private data with the government and giving investigation agencies “backdoor” access under a US government program called PRISM.

A huge public backlash has now put the US government in a tough position. On Tuesday,  reports said, that former Justice Department prosecutor Larry Klayman  will file a class action law suit against the nine companies that were part of PRISM, Obama and American government officials.

Lawmakers in Europe, are reportedly furious over the US governments Internet spying program.

The Reuters reports

In a heated debate in the European Parliament, lawmakers complained that for a decade they had yielded to U.S. demands for access to European financial and travel data and said it was now time to re-examine the deals and to limit data access.

Advocates of privacy in India feel that the country’s response on the issue is meek at best.

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