Post Northeast episode, Government has sent notices over inflammatory messages [Social Media]

Following the violence and panic triggered against people of north east region in India through social media platforms, government has started sending legal notices to those who allegedly posted inflammatory or hate messages including morphed images related to ethnic violence in Assam on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. [via]

In the month of August, doctored images portraying gun toting monks from the north east killing muslims, appeared on the Internet through Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Soon, text messages threatening a Muslim revenge against people from the north east region began doing the rounds on internet and mobile.

This triggered panic and an exodus of people from north east living in different states across the country. Thousands of northeast Indians fled from cities including Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai to their homeland.

According to the Mint report, notices have been sent to 4 Twitter handles (government is sure about their identities), which allegedly created panic and carried inflammatory messages. These 4 twitter account holders have to appear before a committee on September 10 at the office of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) for explaining their case before the committee.

Meanwhile,  government had requested Google and Facebook citing for details of account that posted inflammatory content. Post receiving the details government would send notices to them (Google will contact content uploaders directly through the private message feature.). It is important to note that India blamed Pakistani hands behind doctored images and text messages that went viral over cell phones and social networks to create panic amongst people from India’s north eastern region.

Earlier, government had tried to block 310 webpages and URLs carrying anti-social, anti-national and hateful content, however government managed to block 280 web pages and URLs and faced difficulties in blocking 30 Twitter handles. To curb the intensity of rumor against resident of north-east region government had banned bulk text messages for 15 days on August 18, however the limit was extended to 20 on August 24.

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