692 Government Sites Hacked [Technology]

Indian government’s site getting hacked is not a news, but 692 of them? Well, that’s a news and is representative of the sad state of technology in government sector.

As per a report by ToI, 692 government websites have been hacked in September month alone, out of which 511 had .in domain (74%), 20% had .com domain.

Common hack methods include stealing admin password and entering the site via FTP or web server.

‘However, it is a technical field that needs a lot of expertise. We are not yet equipped to handle such pressure as of now. We hope that further training can help us in cracking these cases,’’ said a senior official of the economic offences wing, which handles cases for Delhi police.

692 sites in one month! – Isn’t it high time government upgrade it’s technology infrastructure (and stop talking vaporware like making government sites accessible compliant?)

What’s your opinion?

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