Indian Government to assemble low cost tablets on its own, kicks out Datawind


Indian Government to assemble low cost tablets on its own, kicks out Datawind

Will they? Won’t they?

Well, for the last 1 year Indian government has been making multiple announcements regarding the low cost tablets, which will revolutionize (?) the education system in India and the key vendor, i.e. Datawind has now been kicked out of the project, reports Mint.

Akash : Cheapest Android Tablet
Akash : Cheapest Tablet? Who Pays the Price?

“There have been some problems with DataWind I must confess..Therefore, I have got into the act. The IT ministry has got C-DAC and (state-run) ITI Ltd into the act, and I am going to ensure that this product is fully indigenous and truly an Indian product.” [Kapil Sibal]

DataWind was supposed to provide 100,000 tablets to the government, but has provided only 10,000 devices so far.

“The government is now planning to launch an upgraded version of the tablet as a completely indigenous product under the supervision of a high-powered committee comprising members from the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), department of information technology, the IITs at Kanpur, Mumbai, Chennai and Jodhpur”.

In fact, we earlier reported that Indian Government was planning to Kill Aakash Tablet, after the poor feedback received concerning these tablets.

The ping pong continues and while the makers of Aakash tablet are having a gala time selling the premium version (Aakash Tablet Preordering Crosses 2 million), the government is busy fighting a political battle over the tablet (maybe, they should listen to OLPC founder’s advice: “Make an inexpensive tablet, not a cheap one.”]

Guess who is the loser? The taxpayers.

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