Dear all, Indian Government wants to know where are you [To track mobile phone users realtime]

Indian governments wants to know where are you on a real time basis and has asked operators to provide the real-time details of users’ locations in latitudes and longitudes.BigBrother-YourCountryNeedsYou

By 2013, at least 60 per cent of the calls in urban areas would have to be accurately tracked when made 100 metres away from the nearest cell tower. By 2014, the government will seek to increase the proportion to 75 per cent in cities and 50 per cent in suburban and rural areas. For calls made 300 metres from the nearest cell tower, accurate coordinates will be required for 95 per cent in cities and 60 per cent in towns and villages at the end of two years, reports ExpressIndia.

Within three years, government plans to track information of all users, though with a certain margin of error (depending on how far one is from the nearest tower).

Does this reminds you of George Orwell’s novel, 1984? Where are the telescreens?

Welcome to LBS sans L.

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