Twitter Transparency Report: Indian Gov Info Requests Double In 6 Months

With Twitter increasingly becoming a political proponent in India, the government seems to be stepping up its assault to curb free speech.
Indian government Twitter Info Requests
According to Twitter’s latest Transparency Report, the Indian government made 41 account information requests during the July 1 to December 31 period, up from 16 in the first half of 2014. The number of accounts affected by government requests went up from 44 in the previous period to 1,938 in the latest one.
The social network says it complied with 22% of the requests made, where some sort of information was produced, but doesn’t go into specifics. One removal request was based on a court order, while 14 others were made by government agencies/police. While 15 takedown requests were made, only one Twitter account was withheld.
Indian government Twitter Takedown Requests
While the Indian government’s move to regulate the Twitterspace doesn’t come anywhere close to what countries like the US are trying to do, the trend of information requests does seem to be on an upswing.
Also while the government’s move is seen as largely negative, there is a need to regulate social media to a certain extent, a example of which we got to see when the government cracked down on the pro-ISIS Twitter handle last year.

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