Indian Government wants to use Facebook and Twitter to reduce Fatal Accidents

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and International Road Federation (IRF) are planning to use social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help reduce fatal accidents by 50 percent in the next three years.

The sole concept behind using these tools is to generate mass awareness about road safety and the ministry will use traditional media (i.e. advertising, billboards, posters) as well as new media to spread the awareness (source).

While all this may sound forward looking, the bigger question is whether the ministry is doing enough to manage the road infrastructure (traffic management systems)?

As per International Road Federation, India accounts for ~10% of the million-plus fatal accidents in the world each year. With 130,000 deaths last year, India tops in the number of people killed in road accidents, surpassing China’s 90,000. And, most of these deaths occurred due to bad road designs and lack of proper traffic management systems to separate different streams of traffic – source

Do you see a reason to embrace the new media when the government has not even sorted out the infrastructural challenge?

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