Indian Government Sites to be made Accessibility Compliant

Indian government websites to be made accessibility compliant, friendly for visually impaired.

Indian government wants to make their websites accessible compliant, i.e. making it easy for people with disabilities, especially visually-impaired ones to use government websites.

Web Accessibility Guidelines

Typically, individuals with disability use screen reader softwares which read out synthesized speech of the entire HTML (or some parts). Accessibility guidelines range from using semantically meaningful/valid HTML tags to using alt tags for images and closed captioned for videos etc.

While all this sounds ambitious for the government, we just hope that government first make it’s website usable for otherwise normal people – most of the sites have moving banners and are open for hackers (read: Cyber war between Indian and Pakistani Hackers).

Last, but not the least – we just hope that government doesn’t mandates Indian sites to be made accessibility compliant (they made Online Transaction More Difficult)– the market is too small to spend effort in such initiatives.

What’s your take on this initiative?

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