Indian Hackers Hack 30 Pakistani Government Sites

Indian hackers (name IndiShell) have hacked 30 Pakistani government sites as payback to lamers of Pakistan Hacking Indian sites.

hacked pakistani sites

Some of the hacked sites include governance website of Pakistan and City Development Project (MCDP) websites:,,,,, etc.

Site details here/mirrors can be found here.

India-Pakistan cyber-rivalry has been ON for few years – last year, Pakistani Hackers Hacked CBI Website in response to hacking of Pakistani govt. sites on 26/11 by Indian hackers. Does this solve any purpose or has it become a toy for hackers to show-off (their hacking skills)? After all, we all know that government of countries like India/Pakistan are least bothered about website security and there are open security holes in these websites.

And like we have said earlier, both these governments should employ ethical hackers (no not Ankit Fadia) as consultants in order to ensure the security of data.

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