India Independence day : When Indian Netizens Hit the Web

Do you know that last year (i.e. 2007), 2.6 million Indian netizens searched for news/content related to Indian Independence day on August 15th – resulting in over 4 million queries?

Look at the breakup of queries from across the globe (for the last year):

CountryNo. of queries
India2,627,85 0
Canada78, 090

What’s interesting to note is that the query peak shoots off in the month of August (quite expected – look at the traffic graph below):

Let’s look at an average CPC bid for related keywords:

  • Independence day’ CPC stands at Rs. 18.98
  • Indias independence day @ Rs. 3
  • independence pakistan @ Rs. 25.5!
  • independance day @ Rs. 19.37 [Check out the typo – yes! a typo can help you make money!]
  • indian independence @ Rs. 39.72!

Interesting to note that Wikipedia is almost the first result for all these queries – and they don’t monetize! (and that’s why Google is building Knol).

What’s your opinion?

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