India Independence day : When Indian Netizens Hit the Web

Do you know that last year (i.e. 2007), 2.6 million Indian netizens searched for news/content related to Indian Independence day on August 15th – resulting in over 4 million queries?

Look at the breakup of queries from across the globe (for the last year):

Country No. of queries
India 2,627,85 0
US 908,310
UK 192,960
Australia 128,310
Canada 78, 090
Pakistan 71,220
U,A,E 56,430
China 47,460

What’s interesting to note is that the query peak shoots off in the month of August (quite expected – look at the traffic graph below):

Let’s look at an average CPC bid for related keywords:

  • Independence day’ CPC stands at Rs. 18.98
  • Indias independence day @ Rs. 3
  • independence pakistan @ Rs. 25.5!
  • independance day @ Rs. 19.37 [Check out the typo – yes! a typo can help you make money!]
  • indian independence @ Rs. 39.72!

Interesting to note that Wikipedia is almost the first result for all these queries – and they don’t monetize! (and that’s why Google is building Knol).

What’s your opinion?

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