Indian Intelligence Agencies Want To Build NSA-Like Capabilities

Indian intelligence agencies are looking to acquire sweeping interception capabilities that will allow them to keep tabs on a large number of people at once.

Government Spying

The revelation was made by Wikileaks who leaked thousands of communication emails between Hacking Team, an Italian company that provides surveillance tech, and countries such as India.

The acquisition of tech to target more than one mobile phone could help agencies sidestep the need to get the permission of the Union home minister before intercepting a call.

Many Indian agencies already possess the capability to target specific phone numbers, but sweeping interception capabilities are a whole different ballgame.

Further, the leak also points at Indian agencies asking for capabilities to keep tabs on devices used outside India.

An email also points out that an Indian client, possibly R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing), was surprised that Hacking Team’s tech didn’t support non-smartphones and was looking at interception methods that posed a high-risk of being spotted.

Image source: Wikipedia

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