Indian IT servicing depot – Reality Check

[Guest post by Sridhar G, CEO/Founder of Yulop, the company behind Sridhar has worked with companies like EDS, but ended up starting on his own. Sridhar & I share a common vision of ‘productizing India’, and hence this post!-Ashish]

It takes no less than 3 months of training and an age old conceptual servicing myths for next 6 months[at offshore], to reach an onsite depot filled with cynical and incumbency factors associated with a client running the entire show!

Isn’t this the fate of all bright engineers aspiring to be outsourced?

What would India gain out of outsourced knowledge? Do we create engineers to be exported? or we lack job profiles for IIT/IIM grads to fit in and stay back in India?
We have 1200++ companies registered under STPI [Software Technology Parks of INDIA], out of which less than 10% can be tagged as ‘Product companies’ [sorry we lack product engineers].

How long can the Servicing Industry survive ? Wouldn’t the less privileged countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines be adverted to the servicing factors ?
Wait for Dollar to fall, increase in attrition rates, demand for high level salary perks would all lead to a much worsened situation.

When would India have its own Google or Yahoo ? When would a service company start building entrepreneurial qualities, I am afraid they don’t look into future and are pretty satisfied in billing a resource to its client.

A CMM 5 Level company does generates thousands of jobs, but it leaves out discrepancies amongst the lower level, It made a common man rich, but it left a huge void with a lower class segments.

Best way to start a new servicing venture:

  • Group of highly qualified servicing engineers,
  • Prepare a spec to attract the crowd [clients],
  • Push in for a ISO and further to CMM level certification [you know its easy to get it done in India],
  • Get few freshers and hit the circuit,
  • Hunt for few more varied clients [you know its a easy plot],
  • Get your IPO out, apply for a ADR on to the anvil of NASDAQ
  • and yes you would make a lot and you would be out into a 2nd tier company listing and you would be on a acquisition Mode…...It’s easy guys CHILLAX. ..

Though it does take a lot of gut feeling to be associated with the new revolution of product development.

After all, revolution is not a dinner party, nor being onsite delivery head, nor being a doc manager, nor being an ITPL associate.
It cannot be advanced softly, dramatically,carefully,respectfully, politely, plainly and modestly.

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