Indian Kids Most Active Downloader of Open Source Technology [Youth Survey]

A survey by Accenture reveals interesting findings about the Indian youth (as well as millennials* worldwide)

  • Youths in India and the Netherlands constitute the most active downloaders of open source technologies, at 61 percent and 77 percent, respectively.
  • Social profiling is most common in China and India, where more than three in four Millennials use social networks more than half of the time when trying to learn more about peers or superiors.
  • As far as posting information online (i.e. blogs/tweets) is concerned, Indian kids take a back seat.
  • One in four Millennials globally – and four in five in China and India – use social networking to investigate employers, superiors, clients, and service providers.
  • Only 6 percent of mid-Millennials expect to use only corporate applications at work
  • Self-display is rampant on Webpowered social networks in some countries, as is the use of such networks to research employers, prospective clients, and colleagues.
    The most open and casual behavior when writing about themselves and friends online is found in China, Japan, and Brazil. By contrast, Millennials in India, Canada, and
    France are far less open online.
  • 72% of Indian youth said that the state-of-art technology is an important consideration in selecting an employer.
Youth and Technology
Youth and Technology

Is Email Dying?

While older Millennials (ages 23-27) globally still spend an average of 6.8 hours a week writing or receiving work-related emails, mid-Millennials already in the workforce spend just 4.2 hours a week on email.

Among that group, real-time alternatives are gaining ground, such as text messaging via mobile phone (3 hours) or instant messaging (3.2 hours). The trend is even more pronounced among high school and young college students.

The research was conducted across 5,595 employees and students, between 14-27 age group, in 13 countries; and the essence of the research is that IT employers have to reinvent their policies, and ways to reach out to the new generation (and back home, there are reports that suggests Social Networking Kills Productivity for Indian Corporate Employees by 12.5% )

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Global Gen Y/Millennials/Echo Boomers are usually referred as those aged between 15-30.

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