Indian Media – How about some maturity?

Mumbai terror attack is all over the media, and it’s quite a shame to see how Indian media is going overboard in detailing out the events minute-by-minute.

First of all, lets try to understand the basic intention behind all these attacks – it’s not just to kill few 100 people, but the bigger intent is to spread panic. Bring the country to halt.

And what is Indian media doing? Covering live show of the terrorist attack (as if it’s a rock show?)? Calling the attack as India’s 9/11? In short, ensuring that they complete the rest of the task left by terrorists? i.e. spread panic all over the country, so that businesses and regular life suffers all over the country and is just not limited to Mumbai – exactly what the terrorists ordered for.

The competition right now is to capture the event as closely as possible, interview hostages (ask them what did they go through? WTF!) without caring about the sentiments of what they have gone through.
Is there a code of conduct for media during such events? If not, we need one.

What about one’s right of information?

If you are one of those, who needs right/left and center of information (minute-by-minute detail), please hop on to the exact location and watch the event as-it-unfolds.
There is no reason why one should get into the tactic/strategy being used by NSG – it’s time to question leaders and not just view ‘drama’ on your TV set.

Time to show solidarity and maturity in our actions (and words). Hope media gets this.

[PS: Apologies if we have digressed from the main topic of this site, but I hope you understand the reason.]

What do you think?

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