Indian Messaging Apps Usage Behaviour : 45% Prefer Messaging Apps Over Socionets

Inmobi conducted a survey of 455 mobile users regarding their app usage behavior and here are a few key findings:

App Usage

  • 44% of Indian mobile users prefer messaging apps as the most preferred way to communicate, bypassing even social networks (19%).
  • 95% of mobile users in India access messaging apps multiple times per day.
  • Younger mobile users under aged 35 are leading the charge toward chat apps. They are drawn to chat apps because of the cost-savings benefits they offer (vs. SMS/MMS) and for the immediate, private and fun nature of the messaging environment.

App Discovery

  • Browsing the app store, recommendations from friends and family, and mobile websites are the top three ways users discover apps. Mobile advertising has also emerged as an important discovery channel, with 14 percent of respondents reporting they discover new apps via mobile ads (read this with a lot of warnings, as InMobi being an ad network has all the reasons to promote this number).

App Preference

The fragmentation of social media is very much driven by the diverse needs of consumers. Our research shows that not all apps have the same appeal. By talking to different consumers and engaging people in a co-creation process, marketers can help drive innovation and uncover opportunities where their brand can meaningfully add value.

Propensity to Download:

56% of mobile users in India are more likely to download the messenger/chat app in the next 30 days.

The top 3 factors that influence Indian users to download these apps are:

  • Ability to communicate with friends – 44%
  • Ability to share photos & videos – 39%
  • Ability to communicate with family – 30%

What is interesting to note is that attributes such as the ability to play games and availability of emoticons are seen as much less important. Users value the functionality and reliability of such apps, rather than the add-on fancy features.

In-App Purchases

  • Research found that a fair share of mobile users do shell out for in-app purchases in a messaging apps—21% of respondents said they’d made an in-app purchase in a mobile messaging apps, and 18% of users have never made an in-app purchase but would consider making.
  • The optimal price point for in-app purchases in messaging apps for Indian users is between INR 71 and INR 129
  • Digital goods purchases (38%); Upgrading apps with additional features (35%)are the most popular types of in-app purchases done by Indian mobile messaging app users

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