Tech News Roundup: MindTree Launches Bluetooth Health Device Solution on Android Platform, Meteorological: VAS

Technology News Roundup: Indian Meteorological Departmen takes VAS route and has partnered with Handygo to provide weather forecast to farmers. MindTree Launches Bluetooth Health Device Solution on Android Platform.

MindTree has launched it’s Bluetooth health device solution on the Google Android platform, enabling seamless interoperability among personal healthcare devices.

The device, demonstrated at the Continua Health Alliance Fall Summit (held in Boston) consists of MindTree’s qualified Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR stack including eL2CAP, Multi-Channel Adaptation Protocol (MCAP) and Health Device Profile (HDP), integrated with IEEE – 11073 layers ported onto the Android platform on a Google G1 developer phone. – details

Indian Meteorological Department Goes VAS Route

Handygo Ltd, a leading wireless solution provider in mobile and value-added services, has tied up with India Meteorological Department (IMD) to provide farmers with meteorological inputs through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS).

Farmers will receive not just weather forecast, but also advice on agricultural inputs for various kinds of crops prepared by in-house agricultural experts. The service has been launched in 21 districts of Punjab and 20 districts of Haryana, and now plans to focus on 23 districts of Andhra Pradesh; Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Maharashtra.[details]

Nokia:Tanla Partnership

Nokia has signed a 5 year agreement with Tanla Solutions to use the latter’s licence management, mobile payments and professional services. The licence manager helps in keeping track of the licence periods of various applications offered on Nokia smartphones, the mobile payment option will allow transactions between the users and Nokia for payments for various applications. – details

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