Survey : Is The Indian Mobile App Industry A Sexy Mirage? (Brief Edition)

AppsMobile apps in India have been that sexy mirage that has lured many, worked for a few, and never lost its charm. There are now signs that apps are starting to get very mainstream and users have already made a habit out of many across the board – thanks to ever cheaper smartphones and data plans, and expanding app stores pushed hard by all those trying to own platforms and users’ mindshare.

We wanted to do a dipstick to get a sense of this from the point of view of those who build or get apps built.

This is an initial survey, and based on the results, a few participants will be sent out a longer one. Do help us understand this space better, and share it with anyone you know could add their experience to this as well.

Of course, apart from the entries, your comments would be very very welcome!

Image credit: Shutterstock

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