Opera has released demography report on usage of OperaMini and India is at the extreme end – 97.2% users are male! (for US, it’s 80%).

Top 10 sites in India (based on # of unique users):

  1. www.google.com
  2. www.orkut.com
  3. www.yahoo.com
  4. www.gmail.com
  5. www.rediff.com
  6. www.youtube.com
  7. www.gamejump.com
  8. www.wikipedia.org
  9. www.information.com
  10. my.opera.com

User demographics

Male:97.2%, Female:2.8%

18-27 group comprises 75.7%, 28-37:13.8%, 38-47:3.8%,48+:1.0%

No wonder sex and celebrity search rule the mobile world!

Other stats from Opera

  • Globally, 13.4% of Opera Mini users are under 18 years of age, 64.5% are 18-27 years of age, 16.7% are 28-37 years of age, 4.4% are 38-47 years of age, and 1% is more than 48 years of age.
  • The top 10 sites in each country ranked according to number of users are somewhat different from the top 10 sites in those same countries ranked according to page views.

Also see: Worldwide mobile browsing report



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