80% of Indian Mobile Phone Users Exposed to Ads

Call it the failure of NDNC, but a recent study indicates that eight in 10 mobile phone users in India are receiving advertising messages over their phone, a higher percentage than both the United States and the United Kingdom.

‘Though mobile phone marketing exposure is prevalent in all three countries, the mobile delivery tools vary. Text messaging, however, remains the most common advertising format in all; 74 percent in India, 48 percent in the United Kingdom and 22 percent in the United States. Mobile Web advertising was most prevalent in the United Kingdom, with 16 percent of respondents recalling advertising compared with 8 percent of those in the United States and 4 percent of those in India.’ – source

Radio on one’s mobile phone too plays a vital role in ad recall with nearly 40 %of those in India recalling advertisements through radio on their mobile phones compared to only 9 percent in the United Kingdom and 3 percent in the United States.

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