Report: Who buys online grocery more & what’s being bought?

While women e-grocery shopping averages to Rs 552/- per order, men shop for an average of Rs 580/- per order.

We have in quite a few instances covered the state of online grocery in India. A few weeks back we even covered what people actually purchase from their list of grocery, online. And it was a surprising revelation that India stands at the sixth position, with $470 billion, in the global grocery market. Though more of this amount comprised of the unorganized sector, the organised sector is growing rapidly too! Not only has it spawned a growth of multiple e-grocery start-ups like ZopNow, Aaramshop,, and Farm2Kitchen, it has also created a niche customer base for itself. And with the growth of nuclear urban couples, internet friendly shoppers and rising e-commerce reliability this trend is sure to see an upward curve, atleast for the next few years.

Aaramshop, which set shop only a year back has interesting data to share – while men have always been more pro-active in online grocery shopping, women are not behind. However, the percentage of active women participants in this e-grocery game has come down from 37 per cent to 31 per cent. But the good thing is that the barriers to purchasing groceries online are diminishing and more individuals are opening up to the concept of e-grocery. This proves the argument that grocery buying is not a “youth” activity (unlike most other web shopping across other product categories) and is rather restricted to the working professionals and mature family environment.


In terms of value of what is being bought, men surpass women in this too! While women e-grocery shopping averages to Rs 552/- per order, men shop for an average of Rs 580/- per order. And their shopping behaviour/needs are varied too! While Edible Oils, Rice, Atta, Lentils & Dals, Soaps & Sanitizers, Snacks, Antiperspirants & Deodorants, Shaving Products, Ready to Eat, and Biscuits & Cookies are skewed towards male buying, products like Oral Care, Hair Care & Styling, Bread, Crackers & Bakery, Face Cleansers & Moisturizers, and Feminine Needs are what women buy most. Well, some of this may be simply because more males are more pro to buying online and are coming on the platform for the needs of the entire household.

And now for those who thought women could never buy online get a reality check please…they buy more branded goods online. They outshine men in terms of number of branded products bagged across all significant age groups viz. 18 to 24 years, 25 to 35 years and 35 year & above. Whoa.

While online orders are fairly well spread out, 55-60 per cent orders take place between two time slots – 6:00 am to 12 noon and 8:00 pm to 12:00 am. The rest are spread across other time slots. The interesting fact is that most orders happen on a Monday, which then keeps reducing till Friday before starting to rise again on the weekend and the next day.

And now time to know who wins the e-grocery race…as in what people buy more, irrespective of their genders.

– Biscuits & Cookies top the chart with 17.32 per cent

– Rice, Atta, Lentils & Dal come second with 9.51 per cent

– Snacks rank third with 9.08 per cent

– Milk & Dairy Products come fourth with 7.60 per cent. It has grown 1.23 per cent in 4 months

– Chocolates & Sweets get volumes of 7.60 per cent

Well, this certainly shows that be it whatever is being ordered, people are opening up to the concept of e-grocery and actively participating in taking it to the new level. This certainly rings a bell for the local kirana stores and they need to modernize themselves by various means and methods to be in business. This could be setting up local-area specific online kirana stores, marketing themselves well or joining hands with the existing players to grow. Whatever it is, e-grocery is certainly picking up and will see quite a few innovations in times to come. Till then shop with your favourite e-grocer and tell us your experience.

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