Indian PC Market – 20% Growth, Unbranded PCs dominate the market

The Indian PC market registered 20% growth in 2007, mainly triggered by rising demand (from both consumers and SMBs) and of course, the falling laptop prices.

What’s really interesting to note is that the whiteboxes, i.e. the unbranded PCs are dominating the PC market.

As per IDC estimates, assembled PCs or whiteboxes formed nearly 40 per cent of

the market with the branded category bringing up the balance 60 per cent. However, some industry estimates peg the share of branded desktops at as low as 49 per cent.

Individuals were among the biggest buyers of “whitebox” or unbranded PCs last year. However, on the commercial side, buyers were increasingly choosing major local and multinational brands. Flexible configurations, were a key selling point for consumers in this case. – source

Interesting stat. Do you think that Dell’s ‘configure your PC’ value proposition has lost it’s meaning?

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