Trainman Predicts Your chances of Train Ticket Confirmation


Trainman Predicts Your chances of Train Ticket Confirmation

Booking a railway ticket — both online and via standing in elongated queues is a traumatic experience in India. Furthermore, there is no surety that your ticket, if it is in waiting list will ever get confirmed.

An online service called Trainman might be able to help you with that. Trainman is able to predict how likely it is that your ticket will get a secured berth.


A website which loads pretty fast, Trainman doesn’t require any signup. You can mention the train you wish to board, the class you would like to travel, the date of your journey, kinda like IRCTC. Once you are done filling the required information, in addition to the list of trains available on your route, you also get to check your confirmation chances, and recent trends.

The ‘confirmation chances’ tells you how likely it is that you will get the ticket. The service says that anything above 65% holds a good chance. To make it even more useful for the users, the service uses color coding. Anything in green is good, whereas you might want to bunk the present option and look for alternative if the percentile is in yellow.

The prediction is based on past learning. The service claims that is has tested over 100,000 PNRs, out of which it has succeeded around 80-90 percent of the time.

In my brief testing, I found the results very reliable. And as a person who has to book tickets every few days, I think this service will be very useful to me, and hopefully, you as well. You will also find our curated list of online services, apps and travel hacks to enhance your commute experience useful.

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    Please some1 tell me about the confermation chance of my ticket from bhubaneshwar to gaya on 20th october…here is my pnr 6746401285

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