The Indian Smartphone Market in 2018: Bigger is Better

In 2018, 319 smartphones were launched in India and here are some key trends:

  • About 75% of smartphones launched in India, were under Rs. 20,000
  • Samsung continues to launch the most models
  • About 61% of phones were launched with screen size of 5.6 inches and above (something that was considered phablet category till last year!)
  • 92% of the phones above Rs, 10,000 had tall displays with 18:9 or higher aspect ratio, and minimal bezel
  • About half the phones launched had dual rear cameras – something that was a ‘premium phone only’ feature till last year

Consumer Trends

  • ‘Good camera’ was the most important quality factor that consumers looked for!
  • Xiaomi was the most popular brand in terms of user interest – largely thanks to the mostly great bang-for-the-buck ratio that Xiaomi devices have maintained in India
  • OnePlus was the highest rated brand, in terms of user satisfaction, in 2018
  • And finally, yes, Flipkart was the most popular store for phone purchases. This was in no small measure due to the fact that it had exclusive partnerships for a lot of the popular Xiaomi phones in India.


India continues to be a budget smartphone market
India continues to be a budget smartphone market


India data smartphone 2018 market
India data smartphone 2018 market

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Data source:Phonecurry