India Accounts For 15.5% of Global Phishing Emails [Report]

Security of IT infrastructure is becoming a major concern for enterprise as well as consumers with the ever increasing threats that they face from botnets, worms, spammers, and fraudulent phishing emails. IBM published a report based on the study of global networks. Lets take a look at some of the India specific statistics that the report throws at us.

-India ranks amongst the top 5 countries for spam origination in 2010.


-When it comes to TLDs ( top level domains) used to host spam or malicious content. India made an entry into the top 5 list here too in September of 2010 and has remained there. The most notable stat in this category is the move of spam content hosted on .cn ( china ) domains to .ru ( russian ) domains.


– The top 5 countries of spam origination account for almost one-third of all the spam sent worldwide. India accounts for 8.2% of global spam. ( This does not necessarily mean that the nationality of the attacker is the same as the country of origin of spam, spam is sent mostly by use of bots, and those bots can be controlled remotely from any country.)


– If you look at the spam origins over time, India is the only country that has continuous growth in percentage of spam origins globally.


– A startling statistic that every user must sit up and take notice of is that India is the top country when it comes to origins of phishing emails and has a global share of 15.5%. Russia ranks second at 10.4%.


-India’s rise as the leading country of origin of phishing emails has been quite dramatic if you see statistics over the years. India accounted for less than 2% of phishing emails in 2008 globally, and two years on India is ranked number one globally for the same.

india phishing rise

-Although the number of phishing emails originating in India is high, phishing URLs are mostly hosted in other countries. Not surprisingly, the main targets for phishing emails are financial institutions.


Of course, these spams are result of ‘Work From Home, Earn 20,000 INR/Month Ad‘ that we get to see on newspapers and several free classified websites.

What’s your take?

– Download the report.

Also do see the below embedded presentation that will give you a good idea about the worldwide trend.

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