The Biggies Awards : Your Last Chance To Vote For Your Fav Startup

The Biggies Awards promises to be a program that brings discovery to an amazing number of startups and importantly, showcase India’s strength to the world!
Go ahead and vote for THE BIGGIES. Today is the last day to vote for your fav startup (the winners will be announced next week).
Following are the different categories under which votes are accepted:
Internet Startup Of The Year. | Mobile / App Startup Of The Year | Enterprise Startup Of The Year| Education Startup Of The Year | Hot & Upcoming Startups | Bootstrapped Startup Of The Year.

We started the biggies awards with a sole focus of building an extremely data-oriented awards function. We took a while to come up with the details and the fun part is that we ended up building a scoring platform that eventually answers:
1. How to score different enterprise startups? (after all, their data isn’t known – the traffic data is definitely not an indicator of sorts).
2. How does one measure consumer startups’ momentum?
Yes – momentum is very different from saying ‘hey! I have got more downloads/traffic’. For e.g. who has more momentum? Flipkart or Snapdeal or Amazon? Let me ask: who has more momentum in seller space? Flipkart or Snapdeal or Amazon? How does one measure that?
We have made a big attempt to solve these and while we share the scoring platforms’ details later, here is your last chance to vote for your fav startup.
Please note that we have loosely used the word ’startup’ in awards categories,  but have actually called the awards as BIGGIES Awards (not StartupAwards), celebrating the rising entrepreneurial spirit and making BIGGIES more realistic and a level playing field (for the industry).
PS : This edition of Biggies awards is V0.1 : We have learned a lot and we now totally understand the scoring piece much better than others in the industry. We have taken a small step, but our eventual goal is to (slowly) open up the scoring piece to wider audience.

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