chittr: India’s twitter (the microblogging platform for India)

While Twitter asks “What are you doing?”, chittr gets into your mind with “What are you thinking‘?
chittr is an Indian startup that is building a microblogging platform targeted towards the Indian market.

In their own words:
chittR is a microblogging site for India. A cross-platform push messaging product, which works seamlessly across IM (GoogleTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, SMS and Web). Users can send and receive updates from either of these interfaces. (Interface agnostic)

Details of chittr:

Once you register, you can invite your friends, follow others as well as build your own follower list. There are multiple options to receive alerts (via IM/mobile/on chittr’s web inbox).

Overall, chittr is an interesting product and is a good attempt to replicate the success of Twitter. But here are a few key missing elements:

  • The UI is well AJAXified, yet too overwhelming. Twitter has been really smart with keep it’s UI neat and simple.
  • A general feedback to all startups: Don’t have such a detailed dashboard that one gets confused with the site offering. Currently, chittr’s dashboard is too confusing with too many options (Incoming updates/fwds/replies!). Ideally, one should be smart enough to club contextual menus in one place and stay cleaner.
  • At a high level – Is chittr a “What are you thinking” site? If yes, then why do I see messages like “market close at 18770?” I believe chittr founders have to specify whether it’s a twitter like “what are you thinking” site or a pure microblogging platform (like smsgupshup) or something like vakaow.

Overall, my take is very simple – chittr needs to clearly define their offering/positioning and stick to it for another few months (and then move on to other areas). Also, they need not copy the twitter lingo as well (Indian mobile users may not be very familiar with Twitter and the terminology used).

In future, chittr is planning to closed group based microblogging as well. For viral adoption, I strongly urge them to think of building widgets which one can be embedded in one’s blog/site.

What’s your take on chittr?
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