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Diffen: Encyclopedia of differences

Diffen is an interesting take on marrying wikipedia style editing with product comparison/differences.

What’s Diffen?

Diffen is a user-generated (Wiki style) collection of differences and comparisons. For e.g. you can use Diffen to know the difference between a jail and a prison as well as compare iPod and Zune.


A typical comparison in Diffen will include:

  • Objective comparison (i.e. short/factual info)
  • Descriptive comparison (texty info with more details)
  • Comments (what’s your opinion?)

The concept is very neat and if Diffen executes it well, I do see a strong adoption of such a comparator service. What can really work in Diffen’s benefit is that people don’t necessarily look for verbose comparison (i.e. mouthshut styled), but they really want is a quick feature-by-feature comparison and somewhat detailed.

As founder Nikhilesh Jasuja puts it:

Diffen is a user-generated (aka Wiki) collection of differences and comparisons. What is the difference between Shia and Sunni? Blu-ray and HD DVD? Jail and Prison? Communism and socialism? Zune and iPod? Living in Mumbai vs. living in Bangalore? Diffen is a place for such differences and comparisons.
We have customized MediaWiki – the software that Wikipedia runs on. Users have a WYSIWYG editor for editing the articles and they can also leave their comments on the comparisons. This allows people to express their opinions (while the article only has facts).

As far as improvements are concerned, Diffen team really needs to really work on involving the community. To start off, they need to really make the editing process a breeze (especially with objective comparison section).

Give Diffen a spin and please share your comments.

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