Announcing! The Indian Startup Ecosystem

Indian Startups

Announcing! The Indian Startup Ecosystem

After ISRO’s successful Chandrayaan launch, here is announcing the launch of ‘that’ thing, ‘the much needed entity in Indian startup world.Indian Startup Ecosystem

The Story

In general, we have been connecting startups with VCs/other startups/service providers (like design companies, development folks etc)- and now is the time to take this entire story to the next level, to be a self-sustainable platform where the entities can come together.

The Indian Startup Ecosystem

“A neutral platform that brings together startups, VCs and other entities in the Indian startup ecosystem.”

The ecosystem consists of:

  • Directory of Indian Startups
    We announced the startup directory sometime back, but later realized that a texty list is not fun – it has to be more searchable and explorable, based on category/location/ funding status etc. (for instance, SaaS startups in India, startups building mobile services etc)
    indian startup directory
  • Indian VC Directory
    This answers your queries like – who are the early stage investors, growth stage investors and lot more – all for free!
  • Startup Job Board
    Fresh approach to job board (the earlier one was forum based and not very friendly for companies), this one allows structured job postings. For e.g. Engineering Jobs, Sales/Marketing etc etc) – you need not share your email id (applicants can apply directly via the site)
  • Tech Events
    Too many tech events happening for you to keep track of? Do keep an eye on this section (and of course, add events too)
  • Startup forum
    Discussion forum for startups/techies.
  • Marketplace
    Care to share?
    We have received whole lot of requests from startups that they want to share/trade resources with other non-competing startups -be it an engineering resource, a banner link..whatever.
    Use marketplace to announce what you wanna share.
  • Useful links/data
    For instance, Incubators in Indiawill add more such stuff.

And now, the most important entity in the entire ecosystem:

You! Yes, you!

Any ecosystem is as good as it’s member’s participation – so, please participate in the startup ecosystem, be it about adding tech events, suggesting startups, VCs and of course, the startup forum section where you can discuss whole lot of things with fellow geeks/entrepreneurs.

Register here and get the party started!

As with any new product, we too aren’t yet perfect (UI glitches (yucky too!), weird error msgs etc..and that’s why the theta status :D) – we are also adding couple of interesting features/updates in the next few days – which puts ‘you‘ at the center..

Do give ecosystem a spin and let us know what you feel!

Update: The earlier forum will be moved to the new forum.

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