Forum Roundup: New Design; DoCircuits’ Indiegogo Project ; Opera’s Great PR & More


The NextBigWhat forum is buzzing with activity – right from QnA to sharing great insights.We are happy to share the new clean design of the forum. The basic philosophy behind the design is to improve on the overall user experience (esp typography). We also added the QnA feature a month back and it’s already seeing a great usage of the same.

Please share your feedback on the design and importantly, please suggest how we can improve the quality discussion on this forum. We’re looking forward to your feedback here: The New Forum Design : Need Your Feedback.

For all those who missed out on posts last week, here’s a quick snapshot of the most interesting topics.

Support for our Indiegogo Project at DoCircuits

We are DoCircuits ( ), a cloud based circuit simulation startup. It is exciting times at DoCircuits. DoCircuits has won numerous awards and is being used in users at over 185+ countries.

Logistics services

I need logistics services for my start up in Bangalore. I need both forward and reverse logistics. Basically need to collect product from multiple location and deliver it to multiple location. The product weight would be less than a KG.

Opera Press Release -> What the fish!


I have a creative pitch for two of Info Edge’s portfolio and ?

How do I share with them (rather sale the idea) ? Should I approach the media agency, Madison who works for them or directly Info Edge?

How to stay productive.


The Marketeers Anthem

Why responsive design really matters for Android.

So what’s the difference between Android and iPhone (for developers)? Well, this beautiful pic tells it all. Anybody here who wants to debate on Android fragmentation ? 🙂

android vs appleAmazon makes more than 2.5 million price changes every day implements more than 2.5 million price changes every day, compared with just over 50,000 total price changes that were made by brick-and-mortar retailers BestBuy and Walmart throughout the entire month of November.


(Comic) It’s a Work-ation Vacation


» Do engage with the startup community at the NextBigWhat forum. This is surely a great place to engage and learn from enterprising people.

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