Indian Startup Funding Data : $1.65 Billion Invested [Q2 2015]

The Indian startup funding scene is the NextBigWhat for the world and over $1.65Bn was invested just in the last quarter alone.

The four charts explains the Q2 2015 funding data deal about India and the Indian startups !

Industry Categories

In terms of total number of funding, Internet and Edutech took the lead, though when it comes to $$ value, the story is different.

Funding Number Vs. Industry Categories

$$ Value Of Funding Vs. Categories

When it comes to funding value, Traveltech rules the space (largely driven by Ola’s $400mn funding).

Funding $$ Vs. Industry Categories

3. Funding $$s And Startup Cities

As expected, Bangalore rules the chart – followed very closely by NCR and Mumbai/Pune. Do you think that NCR will beat Bangalore in the next quarter? Consumer businesses – maybe.

Funding $$s And Startup Cities

4. Top 10 Investors

Last quarter it was Sequoia. This time around, it is SAIF. The heat is ON, fellas !

Top 10 Investors
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