The Biggest Irony Of Current Startup Funding Trend.

In the last 90 days, a lot of money (more than $400mn) has been poured in two types of businesses
1. Grocery Delivery.
2. Online Food Ordering.
Ask any investor and they will tell you why these trends are SOOO damn big.
But the fact of the matter is that the two hot trends basically compete with each other – If you order food from restaurants, you don’t need the groceries (and vice-versa). The same investors are investing in both the trends, either for the FOMO reason or they actually know what they are doing.
Investment ‘herd’ trends typically are very macro in nature (for e.g.. cabs, Kart-commerce, grocery, hyperlocal), but this time around they are micro to an extent that they are based on use-cases.
A case of maturing investors or herd investors who are struggling to find what (else) to bet on?
[Image credit: shutterstock]