Hooeey: mashup of your web browsing history, bookmarks..and more

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Hooeey: mashup of your web browsing history, bookmarks..and more

Hooeey is an interesting application that captures your browsing history and gives tools to store/analyze them and share with friends. In short, Hooeey is a mashup of del.ico.us, Google personal search and a regular social network app, all delivered via the Hooeey toolbar.

How does Hooeey works?

You need to install the Hooeey toolbar, which will track all your webhops/browsing. You can save/share your browsing history with contacts.

The idea behind hooeey is that Internet users can re-use their browsing history in a productive manner to reduce time spent in searching for previously visited web pages, easily share interesting web pages with others and to use the provided dashboard to manage their browsing time more efficiently.

hooeey de-links browser history from the browser

Browsing history data, which until now, was buried (or worse, lost) in the bowels of web browsers are now set free. De-linking makes the data set very flexible: browsing history data and tags can be stored on-line or on one’s computer and it can be given different access levels: private, community or public.

What’s really cool about Hooeey?

Hooeey works across browsers and will log all your browsing history at a central location – i.e. your hooeey account. If you are concerned about privacy, worry not!
Hooeey offers 3 levels of privacy – private (i.e. you don’t want to share the data with anybody else), public and community (i.e. share with your friends). You can also sync your Hooeey account with your del.icio.us bookmarks.

Apart from the eye candy visual tools to analyze your browsing history, one of the coolest feature of Hooeey is the ability to create WebTours of your shared links (i.e. slideshow like this).

Overall, hooeey is a damn neat product, and it would be interesting to see how hooeey survives against the biggies like Google bookmarks/Mozilla 3.0 or even Flock.

My only concern is why another toolbar (and why not a FF add-on?)? A FF addon, in my opinion will bring down the “try-out” barrier (which is quite high currently as no one wants to install another toolbar).

What’s your take on hooeey? Will you use the product?

Interestingly, hooeey is an Indian startup, founded by Rajeev Purnaiya, who earlier sold his co. CyberBazaar to WebEx.
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