Indian Startup, Lifeblob accuses Facebook of Copying its feature

Facebook is known to be a great inspirational story – the company has derived inspirations from Friendfeed, Twitter and now, Lifeblob is accusing Facebook for blatantly copying its ‘Related Photos’ feature.

Just to set the record straight, we have had this feature ( and a lot more ) at for over a year now and facebook has blatantly copied it. Every time you upload a photo on lifeblob, a recommendation engine not only looks at the face tags, but also the other information associated wtih your photo to show you photos that are closely related around it.So when you upload your graduation day photos, we discover other photos of your graduation day and show it next to your photo. What facebook has done is picked up this idea and launched a simple version of it that only uses face tags – Pranav (Founder/CEO) of Lifeblob



What’s interesting is that Pranav has created a FB page (to beat the lion in its den) to express their concern over the feature copy.

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