Introducing : Insights. THE Research Portal for Startups and Technology Ecosystem

The Indian startup ecosystem is growing rapidly and so is the amount of data. The time has come to differentiate signal from the noise, separate the wheat from the chaff.

And today, we are glad to announce our research/data portal,

As India’s most popular startup media platform and the one who cheers, critiques and connects the ecosystem, we have been collecting data for the the last couple of years. And not just data, but we are the ones who spot trends very early on [like the (Startup) Quit India movement, Ecommerce Investment Frenzy (we talked about it in 2011, and we got flak for the same!].

NextBigWhat Insights
NextBigWhat Insights

The NextBigWhat Insights portal brings the much needed data source for the startup and technology ecosystem in the country.

And Insights isn’t just about data, but it’s about asking relevant questions (for example: how many product startups do we have in India?), but it’s a lot about debates, which we encourage and will be part of.

So here it is : For the Technology and Startup ecosystem of the country.
You can subscribe to Insights portal updates using the form below:

To help us become more useful to the ecosystem, tell us what data do you need (in the form below). And tell us all your data requirement – not just from startup ecosystem point of view, but also from technology landscape which we are super excited about!

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