Zendle – Publish your expertise!

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Zendle – Publish your expertise!

Zendle is an interesting concept that basically promotes one to showcase their expertise.

How does Zendle work?

Zendle is sort of wiki to showcase one’s expertise – be it related to health/yoga/sales marketing or any topic under the sun. One can upload content in various formats (video/audio/slide show etc) and the consumers of the content will basically serve as a community (they can ask questions to the expert (thats why the word “zen”), collaborate with each other etc).

Why should experts publish their expertise @ Zendle?

If you are in expert, Zendle will share ad revenues with you. You can also promote your offline business using Zendle (no wonder why most of the topics revolve around health related topics, since they eventually result in offline consulting).

In a way, Zendle is sort of QnA site, with a significant difference that the answers are not from any other user, but from an experts in that field.

And why should the answers come only from an expert? Why can’t it be like Yahoo! Answers, where users can answer the questions and others can vote on the answer!

As Vikram, founder of Zendle mentions in his blog:

“The wisdom of crowds” is an interesting notion which implies that crowds are smart enough to promote interesting content and vote down non-interesting or spam-type content. But the problem with this approach is that crowds are wise in the long run but not efficient in the long run. Further, there is no guarantee of the quality of content just because a group of people ‘Digg’ something or give 5 stars for something on YouTube. The problem with this kind of democracy is that there is no consistency of quality.

Do you agree to this? I, somehow believe that one needs to drive the community – classic case being Flickr’s Interestingness. More than the algorithm, Flickr manually selects the interesting pics and kind of raises the bar for others. What do you think?
Contrary to what Vikram says, I believe wisdom of crowd gets wiser in the long run. Those who look for short term gains eventually get thrashed out by the community.

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