To Indian Startups cribbing about WhatsApp and UPI, I have a question

So there is a twitter war going around – not between any parties, but by a bunch of payment company founders who have an issue with WhatsApp UPI experience.
To be clear, WhatsApp UPI experience is AMAZING and is as simplistic as it can get (though the flow is debatable when it comes to VPA payment)

The basic problem Vijay has is that WhatsApp bypasses some of the core features of UPI which are mandated and that translates to Facebook being favored by UPI.
Fair enough. There are couple of interesting threads on this topic which will help you build your own theory on the topic.

We can debate this for the next 10 days/weeks and go nowhere. But, here is a question which I have for most companies.

Every company had 1 year to win..
so what were you doing?

WhatsApp payment was announced in April of 2017 and every company had a year to acquire users / build more useful features.
I don’t know much about other wallet services, but here is what Paytm launched : Paytm Inbox / messaging (the P2P messaging feature which you are I aren’t using).
That is, to beat WhatsApp, they tried becoming more like WhatsApp. Seriously.
And not focus on SMEs (where is Paytm’s lending service) or even consumer loyalty (question: guess the transaction fall after flight discounts have been taken off ?).
I won’t comment on the policy part (mainly because I don’t have access to NPCI/UPI and the innerworkings), but here is what I know.

If companies focus on customers and keep solving for their current (and evolving needs), customers won’t replace them with other tools.

Talking about payment services, I believe Instamojo has done a much better job by staying focused on SMEs and helping them with payment collection; and PhonePe which has built a great experience and is rolling out its PoS/calculator (PS: they are trying hard / thinking about the end user and will hopefully win a lot of them).
Your thoughts?
For now, I leave you with this pic.

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