Indian Startups Have A Massive Problem Of Sugarcoated Feedback: Kunal Shah

How real is the feedback you’re getting from people on your startup?

Are they asking you the tough questions or are they telling you just what you want to hear?

Hear from Kunal Shah, co-founder @ CRED & Freecharge, on why he believes that Indian startups have a problem of sugarcoated feedback on our latest episode of NextBigWhat Radio.

In this episode, as the concluding part of our two-part series, you will hear some interesting takes on startup culture in India, building teams with a vision for products and do people with a penchant for the arts really make for better product managers? Find out all this and much more in this episode.

“India has this massive problem of sugarcoating feedback. Earlier I used to come to UnPluggd Conference and ask hard, tough questions to founders and they used to think I’m a jerk. But the fact is that two years down the line the same tough questions will slap you in the face.”

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