What Indian Startups and Silicon Valley could learn from China

In China, it is quite usual for the management of 10 and 15-year-old companies to have working dinners followed by two or three meetings.
If a Chinese company schedules tasks for the weekend, nobody complains about missing a Little League game or skipping a basketball outing with friends. Little wonder it is a common sight at a Chinese company to see many people with their heads resting on their desks taking a nap in the early afternoon.

“Top managers show up for work at about 8am and frequently don’t leave until 10pm. Most of them will do this six days a week — and there are plenty of examples of people who do this for seven. Engineers have slightly different habits: they will appear about 10am and leave at midnight.”

Michael Moritz of Sequoia.

Precisely, this is what Indian startups too need to learn from Chinese counterparts.


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  1. So the moral you’re driving from this story is, forget about having a good, balanced life if you want to be crazy productive like the Chinese?
    Is this a joke?

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