Indian Telco weekly buzz:GPRS app from MagicBricks, MTNL bids for Suntel, Jagran launches J9..and more

Roundup of events in the Indian telecom Industry (get the mid-week buzz here)

MagicBricks Launches GPRS App For Real Estate Search Via Mobile
Times Group’s real estate portal has launched a GPRS based mobile application to allow users to search for real estate listings on the move. Users can also contact sellers by sms or phone via the application, which stores the history of contacts made.

Mobile congestion level gets better
The point of interconnection congestion report analysis for the month of April 2007 to June 2007 shows that the performance of the cellular operators with respect to the congestion has improved a little in the month of June, as compared with the performance in March. The number of points of interconnection having congestion has decreased from 499 in March to 457 in June.TRAI cites improved interconnection among operators as reason

MTNL bids for Lanka’s Suntel
MTNL has submitted a bid to acquire Sri Lankan fixed-line wireless operator Suntel. The bid has been submitted in the range of $100-120 million and has factored in a legal case of four billion Sri Lankan rupees (LKR) involving a customer.

Tata Tele plans $200 m FCCB issue
Tata Tele is planning to raise around $200 million (Rs 1,200 crore) by way of foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs).The company intends to use the proceeds for expansion plans, including rollout of network and services.

VSNL bags UK bandwidth contract
VSNL has bagged a bandwidth contract from the UK’s National Network for Research and Education, Janet. Under the contract, VSNL Telecommunications UK, the company’s subsidiary would supply high bandwidth global internet access for Janet’s Education and Research Institutions across the UK

[New Launches] (read our review and interview) launched the WAP versions of their local launguage portal in English & 4 South Indian language channels

Jagran launches consumer shopping division, J9 Shop
J9, the enterprise division of Jagran Prakashan, has launched J9 Shop, a voice and SMS-based shopping service. There are plans to roll out an online site, too

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