10mn GSM Subscriptions added in March

Recession? Indian Telecom market has been beating the ‘R’ word by adding more than 8mn subscribers a month.

March 2009 witnessed the highest ever – 10.84 million subscription number taking the total number of GSM subscribers in India to 288.3 million.

What’s interesting is that this number doesn’t include Reliance’s GSM subscription number (if you add that, the total subscription mark would stand at ~13mn!)

Market Share of Telcos

One of the reasons behind this increase in subscription count is the fact that March is end of financial year (sales team has to meet it’s financial year target).

Also, the great Indian Loksabha election contribution cannot be ignored – most of the parties are spending huge amount of money in buying mobiles/subscriptions for their party workers.

Where do we go from here? WIll GSM touch 500mn subscribers by end of 2009?

image via BS

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