India Telecom buzz: GSM operators launch Indus Towers, mChek partners with ICICI..and more

Table of Contents Hide Bharti, Vodafone, Idea float Indus Towers RCom gets license to kill, i.e. operate in 14 circlesGSM operators pull out of Govt’s spectrum panelmChek partners with ICICI…

Bharti, Vodafone, Idea float Indus Towers

The Bharti Group, Vodafone Essar and Idea Cellular on Saturday agreed to form Indus Towers Ltd to provide passive infrastructure to other mobile operators. The new company will go for an initial public offering later. The independent company, which starts off with about 70,000 towers, is expected to roll out another 50,000 towers over two to three years. [source]

RCom gets license to kill, i.e. operate in 14 circles

Department of Telecom has allowed Reliance Communications to start GSM services in 14 circles and has refunded around Rs 300 crore to the company out of the entry fee the company had paid for offering dual technology.[source]

GSM operators pull out of Govt’s spectrum panel

Fight between GSM operators and Govt. takes a new turn. As per the norms proposed by TEC (Telecom Engg Centre), the existing GSM operators would not get any

gsm cdma fight

additional spectrum for another few years till they reach the prescribed subscriber base, which is up to 15 times the existing numbers. [source]

Key operators of GSM mobile services are working on a counter-proposal on spectrum allocation that would include accepting a 25 per cent increase, at the most, in minimum subscriber numbers for operators to qualify for additional access to the radio frequencies that enable mobile communications.


The GSM operators’ counter-proposal suggests that the government should, in return, assure players spectrum up to 10 MHz (from the current 15 MHz) and 12.2 MHz in the metros [source]

mChek partners with ICICI for insurance payment

Registered policyholders can sms MCHEK <Policy Number> <Premium Amount> to 56767 to make the payment.

Mobile payment in India has arrived big time and mChek surely is leading the play (read our earlier interview with Sanjay Swamy, CEO of mChek).

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