MeraTrip shuts down

meratripTravel portal, MeraTrip joins “ShortCircuit” channel.

Website states:

“ has closed it’s doors on 30-Sep-2007.
We’ve been acquired by a business group based out of Delhi.
All the content from the current site will now be available under various internet destinations run by our acquirer.”

First of all, their business model was flawed as they were not into booking reservations, and were just providing information.

“We Research and Publish Outstanding Travel Deals. does not directly book reservations. We will provide you full details explaining how you can book your tickets and packages — Please contact the companies directly to book your reservations….” (source)

Well, information plays no role in travel domain (isn’t that a commodity now?) and of all the domains, this is one where everybody else is making money by generating leads.

In any case, MeraTrip had no traction. Have no idea who acquired them (and why?).

Anyways, have a safe trip, MeraTrip.

[Thanks Rajiv for the plug]


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